Select, a belgian architect

Our 30 years of experience in the wood industry is an invaluable source of knowledge and expertise.
This reflects itself in all stages of the production process of the garden sheds, from design and development to outgoing logistics.
A common thread, which enables us to offer a 5-year warranty on every construction.

Select, a trustworthy concept

Companies that import, process or sell wood and wood based products must comply with EUTR requirements and provide the necessary documentation to prove the legal origin of the wood.
The EUTR requires that all timber and timber products sold on the European market must meet legal requirements for traceability and origin.
The European Timber Regulation aims to prevent trade in illegally harvested timber and promote the sustainable management of forests.
Our timber is extracted from responsibly managed forests in compliance with the legislation ((EUTR) No 995/2010).


The autoclave treatment of our garden sheds provides lasting protection against mould, fungi, insects and extreme weather conditions.
Our garden sheds obtain service class 3 after impregnation. We chose Wolmanit CX10 to meet health and environmental standards along with its high effectiveness. The product not only protects and prolongs the life of the wood, it is also chromium- and arsenic-free.

select, more than a garden shed

The garden is a great place to unwind.
Spending time in nature has been proven to have a positive effect on our well-being.
Spaces for social interaction such as a comfy seating area or a dining table invite us to get together with friends and family, creating a sense of belonging and happiness.

select, a warm effect

Pine wood is a natural, warm material, respectful of the environment and in harmony with the rest of your garden.
We carefully select this commodity for our constructions, from northern European forests, where the long and cold winters allow the wood to grow slowly.
The thinner annual rings yield stable, strong wood.

A traditional style or rather a lover of modern design, garden sheds are a practical and versatile addition to your personal needs, taking both the value of your home and your lifestyle to the next level. We put our focus on improving everyone's living comfort indoors, as well as outside.
Enjoy, relax, share and experience privileged moments with the people close to your heart.

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